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For high school students.
Free and available online.

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Organized by dedicated people during confinement!


A rally to put forth project ideas, even the most unusual ones!
The goal is to teach participants how to carry out a business project. They will discover different business models through the experiences of both entrepreneurs and business professionals. Simple and accessible, every step of the rally is a chance for them to find the answers they’ve been looking for.

By using the link, participants will watch the first video clip, which will lead them to the first questionnaire. In order to access the next video, the right answer must be selected. Fun and accessible, this rally offers an introduction to entrepreneurship in six steps:

  1. Coming up with a project idea
  2. Validate the project
  3. Fund the project
  4. Promote the project
  5. Present the project
  6. Live by the project’s values!

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