Regional Projects

The Entrepreneurship Rally

Aimed at young Montrealers aged 14 to 17, the Entrepreneurship Rally is a fun and virtual way to learn!
Through educational videos, various professionals, creators and entrepreneurs explain how to bring a project to fruition. Their experiences show us the various paths one can follow, as well as the journeys of inspiring role models.

The j'entreprends mon été camp

An intensive one week “day camp” to increase perseverance and learn about entrepreneurship through fun, physical and educational activities. Launched in collaboration with the Junior Chamber of commerce of Montreal, the camp gives young Montrealers from various neighborhoods the opportunity to meet with businesspeople and talk about their experiences. Registration and information to come.

The Tournée montréalaise des métiers de la formation professionnelle

Visit work sites to learn about a variety of careers that vocational training programs can lead to, as well as centers who offer such programs. Keep an eye on next season’s programming.

Glambition Montreal

Awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in young high school girls by introducing them to women’s entrepreneurship. An eventful day at different high schools on the Island of Montreal. We participate in school groups!

Fairs and events

Be on the lookout for events to come!

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